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How to win?

Leaderboards are based on wagering. Your score is the amount you've wagered over the course of the leaderboard. Prizes to the value of $30,000 will be awarded to those who finish in the Top 22 spots.

How to join?

You'll automatically be entered if you’re registered at the casino when it starts and are a car draw ticket holder. If you sign up after the competition has begun, you can make a $30 deposit for entry. Where specified, ‘closed’ leaderboards will only be open to eligible players based on certain criteria.

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Spice Of Life
Big British Bake
Horn Of Plenty
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Beat the crop out of those reels

And bet your autumn dollar you’ll drop into wins in one fall swoop and get a piece of that first prize $3,000 pie.

Start Date: Friday, 29 September
End Date: Wednesday, 4 October

Contact Support to confirm you’ve been entered

* All deposits need to be in crypto




$3,000 cash


10% cash back on deposits/15% on crypto deposits*


5% cash back on deposits/10% on crypto deposits*


5% cash back on deposits/10% on crypto deposits*